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U.K. and Canadian citizenships




1961 - 1964 Durham University, UK                  B.Sc. (hons) Physics, Chemistry

1964 - 1965 Newcastle University, UK              M.Sc. Electrochemistry

1970 - 1974 C.N.A.A., UK                                      Ph.D. Industrial Technology



1965 - 1985 - Durham Chemicals, U.K. A medium sized manufacturer of zinc pigments and other chemicals for the Paint, Paper, Plastics and other Industries.


Last Position - Product Manager responsible for all sales to the Paper Industry. Also - Process Development Manager responsible for the continued improvement of plant operations. [Section staff - 11]


1985 - 1991 Pigment & Chemical Inc., Ontario, Canada. A zinc oxide pigment manufacturer and chemical distributor.

Last Position - General Manager. Responsible to the Company President for all aspects of zinc oxide manufacture and sales. Also - Technical Manager, responsible for the support of all products including emergency response, legal conformance and quality assurance. [Staff - 26]


1989 - 1991 PASCO Zinc Products, Tennessee, U.S.A. (subsidiary of Pigment & Chemical Inc.) A manufacturer of zinc oxide and zinc dust pigments utilizing  secondary zinc materials.


Last Position - Executive Vice President. [Total staff of both facilities - 65]


1991 - Present - Integrated Resource Management. Resource Recovery Consultant to the Zinc, Steel and Rubber Industries - Principal




Developed a new process to manufacture photoconductive zinc oxide pigments for which sales were established to the European Paper Industry. The process was also licensed in Canada, Brazil and Mexico and the products were the major profit earner for Durham Chemicals for several years.


Developed new processes for the manufacture of high grade zinc oxide products from secondary zinc materials.


Designed and operated new high efficiency furnaces for zinc oxide production.


Improved Pigment and ChemicalŐs North American market position in zinc products from eighth to second by reduction in manufacturing costs and the development of new grades. Annual sales were increased from U.S$6million to over U.S.$50million.


Instrumental in forming the first natural gas buying group in Canada after deregulation. This enabled Pigment and Chemical to purchase gas direct from the well head at a much lower cost.


Developed a comprehensive program to address W.H.M.I.S. (right to know) legislation for all of Pigment and Chemicals distributed products.


Responsible for the successful handling of major spills of hazardous products being delivered to Pigment and Chemical. Conducted Emergency Response seminars for hazardous goods shipments in the Saint Laurence Seaway.


Made several presentations at International conferences serving the Metals, Paint and Paper Industries.


Hold several patents in the area of recovery of metals from wastes and by-products.


Developed a new commercial process for the recovery of steel, zinc, iron, lead and cadmium from electric arc furnace dust, a high volume Steel Industry waste.


Worked extensively in Europe and North America and also successfully completed projects in Asia and South America. Familiar with the Zinc and Zinc Chemical Industries on a world-wide basis. 


Completed diverse projects related to zinc chemical technology, for example zinc oxide plant upgrades and new plant design, nanosize zinc oxide, development of zinc based fertilizers, evaluation of the secondary Zinc and Lead Industries in India, Zinc/air fuel cell characterization and the development of novel rubber compounds.